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How to become a media buyer?
What is a Demand-Side Platform?
Affiliate Fraud: How to Identify and Prevent it
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Native advertising: what is it?

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What is a Demand-Side Platform?

It is an automated system of purchase traffic by auction for advertisers and publishers in real-time bidding (RTB).


Affiliate Fraud: How to Identify and Prevent it

Affiliate marketing is the activity of promoting products or services owned by another person or company for a fee. In other words, the partners finds the product they are interested in, advertise it to other people, and receive a portion of the profit from the seller of the product when it is sold. The cost of purchasing a service or product through a partner is similar to the cost of purchasing directly from the product owner. In other words, the sale will bring the seller less money than if he sold it himself. But the partner helps him attract a lot more customers and make more sales, which allows the product owners to earn more.<br>H2 - What is affiliate fraud?


Best Strategies for Advertising Campaigns

Nowadays digital advertising is one of the most important elements of successful marketing strategies. If you still don’t use it in your business concept, you definitely should. By integrating digital advertisements, you will expand your online presence and increase conversions and sales. Today digital advertisements provide your company with greater visibility across broader audiences. Nevertheless, if your ads are ill-conceived, you would not be satisfied with your results and possibly you would just lose money. You need to keep in mind all the components of your marketing strategy whether it will be channel, design or messaging elements.&nbsp;


What is an In-page push ?

In-Page Push is a push notification banner that appears directly on the website.&nbsp;